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Parent Support Group

Parent Support Group

Parent support groups are invaluable resources for parents seeking guidance, understanding, and connection with others who are navigating similar experiences. These groups will be led by a lived experience practitioner and provide a safe and supportive environment where parents  and carers can share their challenges, triumphs, and strategies whilst gaining knowledge and support from others who are experiencing similar situations. 

The groups will be run online via google meets where you will have the choice to participate in a way that is comfortable for you.

If you want information regarding the times of the groups, please Email: with "Parenting Groups" as the title.


SEABridge Learning

The SEAbridges' neurodiversity affirming, strengths based approach is everything families have been looking for to celebrate autistic ways of being! 

Cultivating pride in neurodiversity along the Insight Sprites (the characters in the program).

With curriculum topics like authentic social connection, communication, embodied emotions, supportive friends and allies and self-advocacy you will witness your neurodiverse child become a self assured advocate!

If you are wanting further information or information regarding times of the groups, please email: with "Seabridges program" in the title. 

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