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Jessica Dolev


Hi! I am Jess - Founder and Clinical Director of Perfectly Imperfect.  ​ I am an allistic advocate. I provide neuro-diversity affirming psychology services for autistic, ADHER's, queer, and gender-diverse people, well as those within the neurotypical community struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, family conflict to name a few.  ​ We will work on developing self-compassion and self-acceptance, self-care and healthy boundaries.

Jess Dolev

Shoshanah Frenkel

NDIS Access Request Specialist

Hi! I am Shosh. I am a neurodiversity affirming behaviour support specialist and NDIS access liason specialist, at Perfectly Imperfect, and parent of neurodivergent children. I strive to help individuals develop positive coping mechanisms and communication skills that empower to navigate the challenges they face. 

I aim to understand what is being communicated and support alternative strategies that are neurodivergent, disability and LGBTQIA+ affirming. 

Overall, my approach is rooted in empathy, empowerment, respect, deep understanding of diverse experiences and perspectives of the individuals I work with

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Shoshanah Frenkel
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Kanalli Meharg
Mental Health Practitioner

Hello! I’m Kanalli, at Perfectly Imperfect.

I provide neurodiversity, disability and gender affirming services to individuals, families and couples, via telehealth only.I support individuals within their system, be it family, relationships, school or work.

Often our responses are normal responses to abnormal situations, so it’s important to consider the context in which we live. I will support you to feel truly comfortable and at peace with things. at a pace you are comfortable with.

Kanalli Meharg

Ina Eremeev
Practice Manager

Hi! I am Ina and my biggest purpose in life is to make an impact in all I do. I have experience in the disability sector, mental health and corporate sector, and am passionate about combining it all in raising awareness of the amazing services that are available and getting you the support you need, with an empowering and empathic approach. 

I am on the other end of the email! I support Perfectly Imperfect with administrative support, answering emails, phone calls, arranging appointments and supporting you to access the services you require.

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Ina Ermeev

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